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"Ribbon of Life"  Memorial Art Piece

MARCH 2018

Behind the scenes Karen Perry and Louis Longi are creating a memorial art piece called “The Ribbon of Life.” The sculpture will be a 15' long by 10' tall 72’ bronze ribbon length. The display will incorporate pieces of the wreckage recovered from the 2011 plane crash. 

“Yesterday was very emotional with lots of tears as I sifted through the wreckage of the plane accident my 3 children died in.  Out of this horror and heartbreak a beautiful sculpture is emerging.” Karen Perry 



Louis Longi time-lapse lost-wax casting process!


Below is a time-lapse video of Louis Longi creating his lost-wax casting process which has taken him 30 years to master and still growing with the medium.  This is just the beginning stage of what becomes one of his incredible bronze sculptures.