Longi Sculptures | BIO

Louis Longi

Artistic movements are based off of master sculptors and painters that create works of art that progress their medium beyond traditional interpretations.  Each art movement borrows from their predecessors and expands the medium to new levels of creativity.

Longi’s sculptures do just this, expands the world of sculpture with his abstract human forms of sculptures with his unique technique of cast bronze that is unmatched in the art world.  His interpretation of the human form gives a sense of movement, weightless, the subtle shapes and contours of the metal keeps the images in constant ebb and flow.

He has been creating sculptures that express the “Strength of Human Will” for over 31 years encompassing 15 public art commissions and countless exhibitions, some of which have been sponsored by MGM Mirage, Cirque du Soleil and General Motors.

Cirque du Soleil commissioned Louis to create sculptures inspired by their first permanent shows in Las Vegas, “Mystere” and “O”.  The world-renowned performance company deemed him the first official sculptor of their artists, “capturing the essences of their performers”.

Currently, commissioned by Toll Brothers, largest luxury home builder in USA, to create site specific sculpture installations for their high-end home models throughout California and Nevada.

Growing up in Las Vegas, Louis received one of the first scholarships at UNLV’s budding art school.  After leaving art school he moved to Denver to apprentice for Ed Dwight, one of the most prolific African American sculptors of our time.  He honed his sculpting skills under Ed, for his many public commissions of Martin Luther King, African American War Memorials and countless other African American subjects.

All of his sculptures are one-of-a-kind original bronze (with no series or additions), which keeps the integrity of the work and value to the collector.  And the work is highly stylized and unique to his own technique that adds great value to any art collection.